About Us

BrigRetail іs one of the leading consultancies in Ukraine among those providing management & business consulting services as well as services on implementation of automated applications designed for enterprise business management and improvement of business processes.

Under set of our services we mean a complex of methodologies and “know-how”, helping solve management problems of our Clients and enhance their competitive advantages. BrigRetail’s cooperation approach gives our Clients an opportunity to quickly develop and transform their enterprise business performance. It can be easily reached through implementation of our flexible management solutions oriented to unique needs of the Customers operating in different business aspects. These aspects include strategic planning, management accounting, budgeting, customers and providers relationship management, enterprise resource management, HR management, logistics processes management etc.

Our Consultants have been working in the Ukrainian market since 1998. Their main strength lies in an in-depth knowledge of the core business areas amplified with rich expertise in software solutions implementation.

The company employs more than 100 Consultants. Portfolio of our Consultants is composed of set of successfully implemented projects in all key economy industries including energy, telecommunications, metallurgy, machine building, banking and retail. Since its establishment our company has successfully implemented around 35 different projects.

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