About Us

FORIMPEKS INTERNATIONAL TRADE COMPANY, established as a textile company in Kyiv, UKRAINE. We have office, showroom and warehouse in the center of Ukraine. We add value our customers by responsibly managing the entire supply chain and are committed to achieving the highest standards and meeting their needs through competitive pricing, quality and reliable delivery.

Our company aims to expand its product range continuously and meet more companies in different sectors. Through our export experienced with our sister firm ‘ONIMPEKS’ which is manufacturer factory in Turkey , we are glad to serving our foreign customers according to their demands like textile products,towel, garments,, etc
Our brands Ontowell and Missalisa, belongs to ONIMPEKS which is growing up at home textile.

Towels,Bathrobes,Bathmats,Bedlinen,Bedcovers,Hotel Collection,Beach,Spa and Hamam Collection.


Adress: Ivana Klymenko street 25, Kyiv /UKRAINE
E-mail: nurkannur20@gmail.com / +380937548047
Skype: nurkannur20

ФОРИМПЕКС - МЕЖДУНАРОДНАЯ ТОРГОВАЯ КОМПАНИЯ, Это текстильная компания созданная в Украине. Наш офис и склад находятся в Киеве. Наша компания производит текстильную продукцию и заинтересованна сотрудничать с другими компаниями в разных секторах экономики.

Наш завод в Турции который производит текстильную продукцию, называется ОНИМПЕКС.


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